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Corinthian Consulting is a full-service management consulting firm specializing in marketing, strategy, and organizational development. 

We help organizations attract new customers, retain and strengthen existing relationships, and develop strategies for growth. Led by our founder, Laura Illig, our consultants have advised firms on three continents, ranging from start-up ventures to well-established Fortune 100 companies.

At Corinthian, we are top-line specialists. Our innovative system of Customer Experience Marketing approaches business opportunities holistically and ignores traditional silos. Whether an organization's particular challenges relate to marketing, operations, strategy or human resources, if they impact top-line sales and revenue - or in any way alter the customer's perception of the organization - we can help.

Our feedback is honest and direct, but never harsh or confrontational. We don’t tell clients what they expect to hear, but what they need to know. At Corinthian, we don’t just recommend change – we help build the foundations of business success.

To learn more about us and how we can help your organization prosper, please explore this site or contact us directly.